1If I plan to arrive earlier than July 22, 2019 and/or depart later than July 26, 2019; how can I extend my stay in Alicante?
We kindly ask you to arrange by yourself, contacting directly the travel agency and/or booking the exact dates from the beginning through the hotel sites.
2Can I register or pay later than the requested deadlines?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Registrations with unpaid invoices will be cancelled in late June, 2019.
3If my application for a contributed talk was not longer accepted, what will happen with my registration?
One can specify short talk or poster during abstract submission. If a contributed talk is not accepted, it will be automatically accepted as a poster. The registration is thus maintained, unless you decide the opposite.
4If I need an invitation letter, when should I receive it?
The invitation letter (upon request) will be sent once the registration is completed, which includes the full payment of the registration fee.
5If I need a certificate of attendance, where should I ask for it?
We will provide (by default) to all attendees a signed and stamped certificate of participation, including the type of contribution (if any) and the dates of the event.
6Will be WIFI provided to the participants?
Wireless internet access will be exclusively provided by EDUROAM (Educational Roaming). The University's wireless network has currently a 99% coverage inside the campus limits. The University's wireless network uses only the SSID eduroam, both for the local users and visitors, and WPA2/AES as the encryption method. Before coming to the conference we recommend you to locally do the following checks: (i) Make sure your organization is welcome to the eduroam initiative; (ii) check that you can connect to eduroam in your organization. If that is not possible, ask your institution the necessary data for this configuration.